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This is not just true of our website, this is true in life.

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Privacy Policy

We don’t even like to have pictures of us online so we’ll protect your privacy as fiercely as we do our own.

The only personal information we collect from you is what you volunteer. This includes your name and email if you leave a comment.  Also if you subscribe to our mailing list.  

You can always unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking the Unsubscribe link included in every edition. If you’d like all your information removed from our website, please contact us directly with your request.

We do track some anonymous information about how you got to our site, which pages you visited and if you clicked an affiliate link. All of this information provides us with anonymous counts for various activity on our site. We use this information, along with your comments and our social media interactions, to learn what sort of content you’re interested in, where we can form better connections with like-minded readers and offer the best BelleSavvy we can.

We will never, ever, ever sell any of your information to any third party.  And we only share it as necessary for our website operations.  For example, MailChimp is a third party whose service we use to facilitate our newsletter.

Our privacy policy is subject to change without notice. We have to notify you that we could change it if we wanted to, but we aren’t in the business of collecting your information or profiting from it in any way so we have no reason to change. We last updated this policy on January 06, 2021.