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Clean eating is a great way to get healthy and, in the process, lose fat. Sometimes though, you need a little something extra to help reveal the body you want.

Most programs focus on your weight, rather than targeting fat. But weight isn’t the enemy. Bones and muscles weigh more than fat. Strong bone density and good muscle mass are a vital part of being healthy. Even some body fat is good for you (especially in the winter – brrrrr!). The key is to carry a healthy amount of fat for YOUR body. Which is different than my body. And the girl on the magazine’s body.

So what do you do when you’re carrying extra fat? Whether it’s from indulging over the holidays, letting yourself go a bit over vacation or simply a span of bad habits that have built up, you’re ready to lose fat and get healthy.

What you’re NOT ready for is cutting out calories. Because simply eliminating calories often also reduces the amount of vitamins and minerals you eat. You want to nourish your body while you lose fat.

You’re also not ready to eat a bunch of processed foods in order to eat “low fat” foods. Because the chemical additives are worse for you than the fat. And you want to enjoy the healthy fats in avocados, nuts and oils like olive and coconut.

What you’re really ready for is a program that’s going to give your body plenty of vitamins and minerals to nourish it, boost your metabolism safely to burn fat and cleanse your system to remove toxins and excess waste.

Depending on your goals you can follow this system for as few as 7 days (for a quick cleanse) and as many as 90 (three 30 day cycles). Or follow it for 30 days four times a year to continually revitalize your health.

Simple 2 step system

Day 1 is your cleanse.

Our world is full of toxins, in the air and water and even in our food. Stress and foods high in processed carbohydrates or that include chemicals compound the problem. Support your body’s self-cleansing processes with a little boost.

Days 2 – 6 you fill your body with nourishment.

We’re supposed to get a full day’s supply of nutrients from our food. But from modernized farming practices to early harvesting it can be nearly impossible. Your nourish days focus on essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics your body needs while supporting the cleansing process Day 1 started.


Two basic products combined with raw vegetables give your body the support it needs to remove toxins and impurities naturally.

TruPURE™ Cleanse Slimsticks use only natural ingredients to support your vital organs to perform more efficiently (self-cleansing as well as many other processes). They also support a healthy metabolism (helping your body burn fat). And they support liver detoxification at the cellular level (more of that excellent self-cleansing).

TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Shakes are full of plant based nutrition that ensures you’re getting essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, probiotics and over 20g of protein. It’s vitally important to give your body everything it needs to function properly.

Grazing on raw (or lightly steamed) vegetables throughout the day ensures that you don’t feel deprived on cleanse days. There’s no reason that getting healthy should mean going hungry!


TruPLENISH™ Nutritional Shakes replace two meals on nourish days to create a solid foundation of nutrition as you reduce fat. Plus they’re a delicious way to facilitate good health.

Combine your shakes once a day with TruSHAPE™ Fat-Loss Capsules to boost your metabolism without stimulants.

Snack on veggies and hummus, nuts and hard boiled eggs to add lean protein and healthy fats to satisfy hunger.

Finish your nourish day with a lean protein dinner and a side of fruits and vegetables from the approved food list.

If you’re system is accustomed to lots of processed carbs or sugar check out our 4 tricks to reduce sugar cravings.


It’s important to stay active (or get active!) when you want to improve your body composition.

Simple activities like walking or yoga can help your body eliminate toxins and burn fat. And you’ll find that even 30 minutes a day can make a difference!

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