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Winter stinks! I mean, probably not if you enjoy the cold and beautiful snowy days and getting all bundled up in sweaters and cute boots and coats or warm cups of hot chocolate. Ok, so it doesn’t entirely stink. But it’s also the time of year that many people get all sniffely and congested.

Because the air gets dry and cold and your body just wants to protect itself by covering your membranes in mucus. It’s gross! And talking about it is gross, but we’re going to do it anyway to give you our five secrets to knock out winter congestion naturally.

Avoid dairy

Your body uses dairy to create mucus. If you avoid milk, cheese, butter, sour cream, yogurt, etc. then you aren’t giving your body anything to work with and it’ll dry up.

If you can’t go without dairy altogether, replacing these may be simple, depending on availability in your area. So Delicious has unsweetened coconut milk and yogurt. Daiya makes cheesey type food like shredded cheddar and mac & cheese. It’s not quite as good a substitute as So Delicious but it’s close if you just have to have cheese.

Lemon Juice

The acid in lemon juice and other citrus fruits like limes and oranges breaks up mucus. While lemons and oranges are winter fruits, they may not be in your grocery store. Lemon juice, however, is pretty easy to find throughout the year. And it’s also easy to add to a glass or two of water a day to help break down that congestion.

Don’t mix and match

If you’re choose to go dairy free this winter, after you’re already congested, then lemon juice will help accelerate the process.

BUT if you were dairy free before, lemon juice will probably dry you out too much. Try alkaline water instead. It’s the complete opposite of lemon juice and I can’t tell you why this works, but it seems to balance out your body’s chemistry and help.

Reverse the weather

Ok, so you can’t exactly reverse the weather. But exposing yourself to warm, humid air is going to minimize your body’s reaction. Since no one has time to sit over a pot of boiling water, a humidifier can counteract the dry, cold air. Or an essential oil diffuser will release essential oils that can relieve your breathing and clear your sinuses.


This is a new one we’ve tried this year. I’ll be honest, I can’t look at the ingredients and explain what this does or why it works. But, especially if you get congested at night and when you go to bed, putting Healing Elements lotion from Lemongrass spa on your neck, nose and even down on your chest helps.

It’s not full proof. It’s not going to eradicate the problem. But I’ve used it myself and it helps.

Fight back

When your body is reacting to the cold and is all covered in mucus it can also be more vulnerable to cold and flu viruses. Help your immune system fight back with Mannaboom. It’s a silly name, granted, but it will knock out any virus or bacteria that have infiltrated your system.

You can also try our immune boosting chicken noodle soup with ingredients like garlic, cumin, chili powder and oregano to give your immune system an extra kick.

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