Holiday Saving Tips

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Black Friday has come and gone and yet, with Cyber Monday and last minute gifts, we’ve only begun to spend money. Whether it’s spent on trips to see family and friends, gifts, holiday food or getaways it’s either a lot of fun or kind of stressful. Or perhaps a bit of both.

Digital rebates are the easiest and quickest way to help make it a little more fun. Because if you’re going to spend some money, why not also save a little.


Ebates will give you cash back for a lot of things you buy at all sorts of stores. It’s free (and very simple) to set up an account (click here to sign up and get an extra $10) and then you have two choices.

Either you can get into the habit of going to Ebates before you buy anything online. Their site makes it easy to find the store or item you want and then purchase it directly from the store online.

Or install the Cash Back button (Ebates walks you through installation). Then go directly to whichever site you want to buy from and the Cash Back button will let you know if you can get rebates on that site.

Pros: Wide variety of stores available. Easy payments through PayPal or via check.

Cons: You have to remember to go through their portal or activate cash back offers with the Cash Back button. There’s no retroactive rebates.

Time: 30 seconds to use the Cash Back button or 5 minutes to find a store on Ebates and jump over to start shopping.


Ibotta specializes in grocery rebates though, a little like a smaller version of Ebates, they also offer rebates at clothing and other stores. Browse through available offers before, during or after you shop. Unlock the offers for items you have purchased, or plan to purchase, and then take a picture of your receipt to verify.

Pros: Lots of stores and items to choose from. Easy to redeem offers after you’ve purchased them. They offer cash bonuses from time to time when you complete redemption challenges.
Click here to sign up and get $10 after redeeming your first rebate.

Cons: $20 threshold to receive payment means you may be waiting a while if you don’t purchase the available brands often.

Time: 5 minutes to browse through offers before or after shopping. 30 seconds to take a picture of your receipt.

See how much you can save this holiday season

You can browse and select offers in all four grocery apps in about 10 minutes. Then in about 5 minutes redeem the same receipt in each app to maximize your rebates.

Since they all make payments to your PayPal account, it’s easy to keep track of how much you save over the holidays. Or earn some interest on your savings. CapitalOne makes it easy to set up a free savings account. Their website and apps are well designed making it easy to manage online. There are no minimums and no direct deposit requirement so it’s really easy to start small with no pressure.

What are your favorite holiday savings tips?

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