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The Secret to Buying Gifts for Bookworms:
Ok. Here’s a secret about buying gifts for bookworms, bookdragons or any reader in your life: we aren’t just readers, we’re FANS. We love books in general (oh, do we love books) but like the avid football fan we have beloved books and series the way they have a favorite team. If you know where our fandom rests, you can’t go wrong with almost any gift that declares our love of that book. From sweatpants to slippers, phone cases to umbrellas.

If you’re not sure which authors and books your bookqueen enjoys most, check out their Goodreads page. This will have both “to-read” and “read” shelves to help you find books they’ve read (and enjoyed if they’ve rated the books) and new books they’re looking forward to reading.

Now that you have a few favorites in mind, we’ve got 5 awesome gifts for the reader in your life.


You can’t go wrong with a t-shirt. Every time your bookdragon wears it, it reminds them of that great moment from the book, the line they can’t get enough of or the character they love. It also makes it easy to recognize fellow readers who also love that book.

Here are a few ideas from popular fandoms:

Harry PotterThe Lunar ChroniclesHunger GamesGrisha Trilogy
Harry PotterThe Night CircusHarry PotterHunger Games

Mugs and Tote Bags

Books go hand in hand with coffee and tea. A special mug for your bookworm to enjoy their favorite drink with their favorite book is an excellent gift. You can either get a mug that reflects a particular fandom or book love in general.

AWESOME Harry Potter morphing mugC.S. Lewis quoteHarry Potter

For the reader who is also a writerShakespeare quoteLord of the Rings

Also, bags are always a good idea. Whether it’s for carrying books to a store to be signed or lugging them along on a holiday trip, tote bags are always handy.

“My official title is book dragon”The Night Circus
The Raven BoysNarnia

Props for the Bookstagrammer

A lot of readers enjoy sharing books on instagram and props take it up a notch to make it a great bookstagram. They’re also easy (and possibly inexpensive) to buy.

Props can be anything from vases to mugs, fake flowers to coasters and cool looking pens.

OH LOOK IT IS DECEMBER. Which means I'm panicking about finishing the 926 things I needed to do this year AND I'm joining in the #BookishFavorites16 challenge! Again this is hosted by my favourite challenge-hosting-power-team: @darkfaerietales_ and @eden.hammond and @novelheartbeat and @cbookaddiction! And this month is all about (um obviously) FAVOURITES!!!! • Which means I'm thoroughly confusing myself already with SPELLING but whatever. (Pssst…it's definitely favoUrite hahahha…ha ha…omg I'm so annoying someone bury me.) • Anyway! Day 1 is "favourite November read" and it's SO HARD because all my top reads where ebooks and audios which are hard to photograph. So I'll leave you this list instead: 1) Timekeeper: omg SO SO GOOD. It converted me to steampunk and so sweet and adorable and it had a clock that was also boy. So I love it. 2) #Illuminae: OKAY THIS IS A RE-READ. To prepare for Gemina. Have I read Gemina yet? No. *distant nervous sobbing* And I swear Illuminae was even better the second time!! 3) The Emperor's Blades: ONLY MY NEW FAVOURITE BOOK OF EVER OMG. Stabby epic fantasy with royal siblings and assassins and blood everywhere. Good times. 4) The Female Of The Species: so so underrated and so so good. 5) The Name of The Wind: literally THE BEST. It's such a clever story and set in a magical university!! And apparently I just heard it'll be a movie?! Lin Manuel Miranda is doing the music! • QOTD: what was the best book(s) you read in November?? • #bookstagram #bookworm #bookphotography #bibliophile #booklover #bookaddict #books #bookblogger #instabook #reader #bookish #bookgram #beautifulbooks #reading #booknerd #booknerdigans #bookandflowers #rainbowbooks #coverlove #decemberchallenge #bookcircle #jaykristoff #amiekaufman

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Head over to Michael’s, AC Moore or Hobby Lobby and pick up a few shiny baubles, some jars and colorful pens or nice looking fake flowers. Or grab one or two of these:

Jane Austen CoastersDivergent braceletsLord of the Rings One Ring


You can’t actually DO anything with Pops. But a favorite character to set on their bookshelf or used for a bookstagram is just FUN.

Though there aren’t a lot of Pops based on books, there are a ton of movie and tv Pops of characters that most everyone likes (like Marvel characters or Disney characters and more). If you are committed to a book themed gift then your options are limited to books that were recently adapted to movies:

Harry Potter



Team EdwardTeam Jacob

The Hunger Games



The one thing it’s ALWAYS safe to get a book lover is… books!

Check out their Goodreads page and focus on the “to-read” shelf to find books they haven’t read yet. If you’re not sure from the list which books they want to read and which books they want to OWN, keep it simple with an Amazon gift card.

Or take it up a notch with fancy signed books.

Signed Books

Pretty much any bookdragon would love a signed book. They’re like gold they can hoard and then breathe fire if anyone tries to borrow them.

You can often find signed books by checking out the author’s website.

I sell signed books directly from my website. Alethea Kontis (author of the Books of Arilland series) has a Storenvy set up to sell signed copies.

Other authors routinely sign stock at a local bookstore where you can order them. For instance, Maggie Stiefvater (author of the Raven Cycle) signs for Fountain Bookstore.

Or they’ll sign stock at several different book stores if they’ve recently gone on tour like Leigh Bardugo (author of the Grisha trilogy).

Wherever they make signed books available, the best place to start is the author’s website. Who knows, you might even find a new book series to interest you.

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