Grace in Anxiety / Grace in Risk

I was driving the other day listening to a Malcolm Smith sermon when he told this story about preaching once in perhaps the Philippines and there were communist guards ready for him to say something the ‘right’ to take him. He talked about being afraid of the guards at either end of the platform he was standing on. And there was that feeling–you know, I don’t have the feeling. I don’t think I can go […]

October 11, 2020
Adrenal Fatigue Recovery Soup

In another life, was a lifestyle blog focused as much on food as faith. When it reinvent, we decided to leave this one recipe up since it was our most popular, helpful to people with adrenal fatigue and not found many places elsewhere. Looking at the ingredients, this adrenal fatigue recovery soup may not seem like the most delicious soup ever. But once you try it, you’ll quickly be won over. Not only is this […]

January 6, 2017