We’re sisters who ENJOY living healthy lives.

We love books. We love movies (particularly casting). One of us is an author. And the other loves music. Neither of us can focus on any single thing for very long. Except being healthy.

Because health is the undercurrent of every other part of our lives and our families.

We’ve spent years experimenting with recipes so they’re both delicious and nourishing; making smarter choices at the grocery store; testing facial cleansers and lotions and makeup to have fun being beautiful without toxins.

It’s not always easy in the world today. There’s chemicals in everything from household cleaners to cosmetics; toxins that cause allergies and cancer. We’re surrounded by a food industry that profits from products that causes obesity and diabetes. So often when we think of being healthy in the midst of everything it feels overwhelming.

We’re here to make being healthy SIMPLE.

We know you can be beautiful without poisoning yourself.
Your house can be clean and fresh without toxic chemicals.
Food can be delicious and healthy and exercise can be fun.

BelleSavvy provides ideas and inspiration not just to craft a healthy life but to enjoy it.

Let’s create that life. Bit by bit. Let’s do it together!

Hey, I’m Annie. By day I write young adult novels and by night I am the technical half of BelleSavvy (where “night” actually means late afternoon – totally a morning person). I’ve worked in tv production, in property management and software development among others before I turned my focus to writing. My well-honed administrative skills keep us organized and I write up most of the articles we discuss.
Hi, I’m Sydney. As the visual director, I take most of our recipe photos. As a mom I provide test subjects for our recipes and ideas for practical ways to create healthy lives on a budget. I’m also the beauty expert here at BelleSavvy, having attended cosmetology school. I’ve always had a passion to help women be the very best version of themselves – both beautiful and healthy! I hope I’m able to do that with you too!